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The Cal-ISBOA Statistical Survey

The Cal-ISBOA  Statistical  Survey is one of the most valued independent school surveys in the country. Developed over 30 years by Business Officers, it continues to evolve to meet the needs of Business Officers and independent schools.  
The 2018 Annual Survey is now open for data entry
 Data Entry Deadlines  Survey Report Delivery
October 5th,General Survey 1st week of November,General Survey
 October 12th,Salary Survey 2nd week of November,Salary Survey
December 1st, Custom Salary Report Requests
 Week of December 11th, Custom Salary Reports
You must complete the surveys to receive the results!
In order to receive the Salary Survey Results you must also complete the General Survey.
Please check the Access Member Benefits page for more information.

What makes the Cal-ISBOA survey such a highly valued resource?

  • The Cal-ISBOA survey provides a wide range of data allowing in-depth analysis of financial indicators related to independent school management and operations.
  • Results are available by the end of October for use in your planning process.
  • The high participation rate (more than 80%), provides a rich data pool from schools of varied types, sizes and geographic locations to use for bench marking purposes.  Last year more than 180 schools throughout California completed the survey.
  • The survey is administered by an independent, third party, Measuring Success, which is expert in survey administration and bench marking.  You receive data you can trust and present with confidence.
  • The results are easy to use and provide a quick means to create numerous charts using dozens of financial indicators. Quickly populate charts with your data and the data of peer schools for presentations to your Finance Committee and Board of Trustees.

We are committed to confidentiality.

Your sensitive information, such as individual salaries and admissions data is not divulged. Administrative and staff salary data is presented in aggregate format to maintain confidentiality.  Guidelines provided to our members ensure confidentiality when data is presented to school administration and board members.

  • Customized salary surveys allow you to compare your salaries for a number of administrative and staff positions with schools that you select for comparison.

  • You receive outstanding support not only when you are inputting your data, but also when you are working with the survey results.  


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