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Plant Engineer - Windward School

  • 10 Oct 2017 4:15 PM
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    The Plant Engineer is responsible for oversight of building, equipment and vehicle maintenance, grounds-keeping, custodial services, project management of small-scale construction projects, and campus sustainability initiatives. He/she assumes leadership for advancing Facilities/Plant in the direction established by Windward Schools’ strategic plan and campus master plan, working closely with the Associate Director of Operations in designing and implementing department budgets, large- scale construction projects and other strategic initiatives. The Plant Engineer plays a key administrative role in the life of the campus, providing co- ordination and communication with various constituents.


    The Plant Engineer reports to the Director of Operations. In turn he/she supervises all facilities personnel, including: trades, grounds, custodial, support staff, and independent contractors hired to perform related services. He/she works closely and cooperatively with the Security Team, ensuring the work of both departments is completed in a consistent, efficient manner. The Plant Engineer works closely with outside vendors, contractors, and inspectors. As department administrator, the Plant Engineer serves on school leadership committees as assigned.


    Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Direct, coordinate and evaluate the program for facilities, including building, equipment and vehicle maintenance, grounds operations, custodial services, and construction project management.
    • Supervise day- to- day departmental work activities by delegating, assigning and prioritizing work flow; monitor operating standards and quality control.
    • Maintain control of and schedules for preventive maintenance for all facilities and related services.
    • Establish and promote a safe environment by performing safety audits, employee training and inspections, and by maintaining open- channels of communication.
    • Work closely with the Security Team relating to event planning, campus safety and security.
    • Carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable law.
    • In consultation with the Associate Director of Operations, recruit, hire, and evaluate personnel.
    • Plan, budget, schedule, and oversee, facility modifications including cost estimates, bid sheets, layouts, and contracts for construction and acquisition.
    • Plan, budget and oversee campus- wide sustainability programs and efforts to reduce Windward’s carbon footprint.
    • Inspect construction and installation progress to ensure conformance with established specifications, code and applicable governmental regulations.
    • Create and administer portions of the operating budget directly assigned to facilities.
    • Work closely with the Director of Operations in the planning and implementation of capital projects.
    • Address complaints and resolve problems.
    • Remain current with industry standards relating to facilities management.
    • Represent Windward School in the external community through participation in conferences and professional organizations.
    • Perform special duties as assigned by the Director of Operations.
    • Maintain communication with County and City agencies as necessary to obtain and jurisdictional approvals, permits and inspections necessary for the implementation of capital projects and facilities maintenance.


    The Plant Engineer must possess at least five years of related experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. A bachelor’s degree in facilities management or related field, or a certificate in construction or facilities management from an accredited college or university is preferred. Preference will be given for experience working in educational environment.


    A valid California driver’s license is required. General Contractor’s license is preferred. A background check is required and must be successfully completed before employment can begin.


    Given the responsibilities of leadership, specific duties, and authority vested in this position, the Plant Engineer must be able to communicate well, verbally and in writing, and possess strong mathematical and analytical skills in order to manage the budget, compile statistical information, and make informed decisions. The Plant Engineer must be a skillful planner, able to effectively manage multiple, complex projects at any given time. As a campus leader, in a key administrative role, effective interpersonal skills are required to manage personnel and students, solve problems, and represent Windward School in the external community.


    The physical requirements of this position are those needed to successfully fulfill the job duties and responsibilities articulated above. As prescribed by law, reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.

    Link to apply for the position:

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