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Part-Time Middle School Design Teacher

  • 09 Feb 2018 10:53 AM
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    Escuela Bilingüe Internacional (EBI) is an independent co-educational day school located in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland and Triangle neighborhood of Emeryville, of the San Francisco Bay Area. The school offers a Spanish-English dual language program, extending from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade. EBI opened its doors in September 2006, with Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten.

    EBI’s progressive education program is based on a child-centered, constructivist, inquiry-based approach. EBI is authorized by the International Baccalaureate (IB) to offer the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and is an IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) candidate school.

    The community of EBI, including the faculty and staff, is a unique and valuable asset to the school. It is with this in mind that, in addition to specific responsibilities, it is essential that all EBI employees demonstrate the following:

          Personal alignment with EBI and IB missions;

          Value for bilingualism, educational excellence, diversity, international mindedness and the cultivation of character;

          Enjoyment working in a diverse, international and collaborative school environment;

          Effective listening, speaking, writing and presenting skills in Spanish and/or English, as required;

          A positive attitude and a deep sense of professionalism.

    Design teachers bring the concepts of design and the International Baccalaureate MYP program to life for their students. Candidates unfamiliar with the "design" label, please check this description.

    Qualifications and requirements:

          BA in design or related field

          Comprehensive computer knowledge

          Experience with other Design technology, such as 3D printing, drones, etc


          Bilingual English / Spanish

          Experience teaching in other international or bilingual schools

          Have PYP, MYP, or IB Diploma training

    Specific Design Teacher responsibilities include:

    ·        Plan Design units and teach lessons to middle-school students (Design classes meet twice a week)

    ·       Work collaboratively with other middle school teachers to plan technology-based projects and cross-curricular units.

    ·       Ensure the safe use of the Design room during lessons.    

    ·       Work with EBI staff and pupils in the middle school, with responsibility to introduce and develop concepts, processes and skills related to the MYP Design Technology programme.

    ·       Work with staff and pupils to introduce and develop concepts, processes and skills related to Information and Communication technology.  

    ·       Lead and inspire staff to integrate technology into their lessons.

    ·       Support staff in their planning and use of hardware and software.

    ·       Keep up to date with the latest technology for use in teaching and learning.

    ·       Develop and run school clubs that make effective use of the range of hardware and software available to the school.

    ·       Work in collaboration with the school’s IT administrator.                  

    ·       Coordinate with the Head of Middle School and the Director of Technology to refine and implement the Design Technology strategic planning.                                                           

    General EBI teacher responsibilities include:

    Planning & Preparation for Learning

          Know the subject matter well.

          Incorporate International Baccalaureate pedagogy.

          Have a good grasp of how students learn.

          Backwards plan with big ideas, essential questions, knowledge, and skill goals.

          Plan on-the-spot and unit assessments to measure student learning.

          Design lessons that target multiple learning needs, styles, and interests.

    Classroom Management

          Foster positive interactions and teach useful social skills.

          Have a repertoire of discipline “moves” that can defuse most behavior problems before learning is impacted.

          Capture and maintain most students’ attention.

          Maximize academic learning time through coherence, lesson momentum, and smooth transitions.

    Delivery of Instruction

          Activate students’ prior knowledge and hook their interest in each unit and lesson.

          Use clear explanations, appropriate language, and examples to present material.

          Orchestrate effective strategies, materials, and classroom groupings to foster student learning.

          Have students think about, discuss, and use the ideas and skills being taught.

          Differentiate instruction to accommodate most students’ learning needs.

    Monitoring, Assessment, and Follow-Up

          Provide clear criteria for proficiency, including rubrics and exemplars of work.

          Frequently check for understanding and give students helpful information if they seem confused.

          Have student set goals, self- assess, and know where they stand academically.

          Take responsibility for students who are not succeeding and get them extra help.

          Reflect on the effectiveness of teaching/learning and how to improve it.

    Professional Responsibilities

          Complete paperwork, duties, and assignments accurately and punctually.

          Demonstrate professional demeanor and maintain appropriate boundaries.

          Be ethical and above-board, use good judgment, and maintain confidentiality with student records.

          Collaborate with colleagues to plan, share teaching ideas, and look at student work.

          Seeks out effective teaching ideas from colleagues, workshops, and other sources.

          Willing to participate beyond the academic program.

    Interested candidates should submit a resume, a letter of interest and statement of leadership and educational philosophy to

    EBI’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is central to our mission and our hiring practices. People of color and LGBT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

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