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Director of Finance and Operations (San Diego French-American School)

  • 10 Feb 2018 2:38 AM
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    Position:          Director of Finance and Operations

    Schedule:         Full time, annual position/administrative year

    Reporting:       Head of School and Board of Trustees

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    The responsibilities of the Director of Finance and Operations include, but are not limited to:


    1.     To supervise the work of the school accounting and business office personnel and use standard accounting and bookkeeping procedures, to keep an accurate continuous record of the cash and financial position of the school and manage the financial operation of the school so that the institution remains financially stable.

    2.     To supervise the collection of any overdue student tuition accounts.

    3.     To insure compliance with the filing requirements of all appropriate Federal, state and local tax returns and other U.S. and French government reports and compliance with all current regulations.

    4.     To establish and monitor internal financial controls.

    5.     To prepare a monthly operating statement for the Head of School and the Board of Trustees, or as requested by the BOT in order to provide data for Board meetings.

    6.     To provide a monthly report of expenditures for the use of each individual budget center within the school.

    7.     To establish a plan and schedule for the preparation of the annual budget that will permit the setting of the succeeding year’s tuition at a Board of Trustees meeting early in the calendar year.

    8.     To provide for the securing of an annual audit of the school’s financial records and financial position.

    9.     To oversee all school purchasing, financial investments, banking activities, payroll and benefits program.

    10.  To work with the Head on strategic planning, long range financial budget projections, capital projects and overall campus planning.

    11.  To coordinate any capital borrowing arrangements and monitor all loans and indebtedness.

    12.  Under the direction of the Head of School, to maintain financial relationships with the appropriate agencies of the French government, including the filing of required reports, and insuring that all of the School’s obligations are fulfilled.

    13.  To provide administrative support for the Financial Aid program.

    Human Resources, Payroll & Benefits

    14.  To assist the Head of School with decisions regarding salaries and benefits for all personnel, including the evaluation of support staff.

    15.  To supervise establishment and administration of personnel programs and policies as they relate to hiring and termination procedures, time off, workers compensation, safety, training, performance evaluations and compensation. 

    16.  To assist the Head of School in creating, maintaining and distributing a manual of current faculty and staff employee policies and procedures and instructions.

    17.  To assist the Head of School  in the hiring and termination of all support staff for the administrative offices, including secretarial and clerical personnel and maintenance and janitorial employees.

    18.  To manage the payroll system of the school, ensuring accuracy and timely preparation of checks and payments to employees

    19.  To determine and negotiate with the school’s health care benefit provider, and manage registration and communication with faculty and staff regarding health care benefits, including medical, dental and vision

    20.  Manages the school’s 403b benefit and other faculty benefits

    Operations - Campus management and Auxiliary programs

    21.  With the Facilities Manager, to supervise buildings, security and grounds staff in establishing and maintaining standards of plant housekeeping, maintenance, repairs and safety commensurate with the limitations of the financial resources available with respect to preservation of property safety, the quality of student and faculty life, functional use, and esthetic values.

    22.  To help make arrangements for major school events, including facilities and services.

    23.  To manage risk at the school to ensure the safety of personnel and students in their use of the facilities and to maintain appropriate levels of insurance to protect the property and to cover the liability of the school.

    24.  To oversee school transportation: schedules and contracts and to assess the performance of transportation companies and their compliance with appropriate state laws and regulations.

    25.  To ensure the effective management of the food service operation, summer programs and any other auxiliary enterprises of the school.

    26.  To represent SDFAS at various regional, state, and national associations relative to the role of being DFO.

    27.  To ensure that all safety systems are fully functioning and that the security systems are operating at the level specified and within the expectations of the School community.

    28.  To maintain vigilance for situations that could pose a safety or health hazard and recommend appropriate remedial action.

    29.  To advise the Head and Board of any situations which might have adverse safety or legal consequences for the School

    30.  To support the school and its leadership.

    31.  To perform other duties as assigned by the Head of School.

    General remarks

    In all activities enumerated above and otherwise involving expenditures or commitments to expend School funds, the DFO will take all reasonable steps to assure that the activities are conducted in an effective and efficient manner and that comparative costs are obtained and evaluated and that competitive bids are obtained where appropriate, so as to obtain the most favorable products, services and prices and to avoid any favoritism or the appearance thereof.

    The DFO should truly and enthusiastically believe in the School’s mission supporting the vision of the Head of School and the Board of Trustees. The DFO should be a resourceful, well-organized team player. The ability to work well under pressure and good interpersonal skills should be demonstrated. The ability to get along with diverse personalities, and understand different cultures represented in the school community is a necessary skill. All employees are strongly encouraged to work towards proficiency in both French and English languages and develop a familiarity and understanding of both cultures.

    Qualifications and experience:

    •       Bachelor’s Degree in appropriate field related to area of assignment (Master’s Degree preferred)
    •       Financial credentials/degrees/certifications such as CPA, MBA, etc.
    •       Five to ten years of prior successful finance experience as a CFO or DFO in a private school, public school, educational setting or other not-for-profit operation; or, any combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job.

    •     Bilingual English-French preferred but not required

    •       Prior experience in an international or French-American school setting preferred but not required
    •       Strong commitment to independent school education and a particular enthusiasm for bilingual/international education.
    •       Superior interpersonal, organizational and managerial skills.
    •       Excellent computer skills (word/excel/Google Apps/social media/blogs/website…)
    •       Excellent finance technology skill (QuickBooks, for example, and Excel, DocuSign, DiamondMind, etc.)
    •       Demonstrated understanding of the SDFAS’s mission and values
    •       Ability to maintain an effective and positive working relationship with administrators, faculty, staff, parents, students, school and community organizations and the general public.
    •       Proven team leader and effective manager
    •       Vision, decisiveness and good judgment.
    •       High level of independent decision-making.
    •       Clear thinker and communicator
    •       Excellent time management skills

    To submit your resume and letter of interest, or for further assistance or information, please contact Mark Rosenblum at  SDFAS is an equal opportunity employer and hires employees without regard to gender, race, religion, color, creed or sexual orientation. Excellent benefits. Competitive salary commensurate with experience.

    Start Date

    June 1, 2018

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