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Library Assistant

  • 08 Mar 2018 12:25 PM
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    Mission Statement

    On the foundation of the highest academic standards and Jewish ethical and spiritual values, Milken Community High School develops students with sharp minds, generous hearts and kind souls. We value each member of our pluralistic community while we foster a deep connection to Israel, a lifelong dedication to the Jewish people and a passionate commitment to the service of humanity and the perfection of God’s world.

    Position Overview

    The Library Assistant is a member of the Administrative Support team and reports to the Director of Administrative Services. The ideal candidate is comfortable working in a highly collaborative environment where value is placed on the skills and passions of individual academic disciplines within a larger context of school mission and integrative thinking, and where we seek always to enfuse productivity with joy. Primary responsibilities include the operation of the library’s circulation desk, supervision of student use of the library facility, and administrative support for the Upper School program in general.

    To that end, the Library Assistant’s position includes responsibility in the following areas:

    Primary Responsibilities

     Support students and faculty in their use of computers, books, digital materials, and supplies

     Manage the issue and return of the library’s resources, including collection of overdue materials

     Process, catalogue, and shelve or distribute new materials acquired for the library and departmental collections

     Maintain the organization of library stock

     Communicate library policies, resources, and programs to students, faculty, and parents through a variety of methods, include direct communication and digital media tools

     Provide support for a variety of library based co- and extracurricular activities

     Supervise students in the Library, developing their sense of community values

     Collaborate with the facilities and technology departments to maintain the physical space and equipment

     Support faculty and students in textbook choice and acquisition through direct management of the MBS Textbook Exchange


     Bachelor’s degree required

     Affinity for working with middle and high school students, ability to deal with stressful situations with tact and diplomacy, attention to detail, and skill in customer service

    Preferred Qualifications

     Ability to lift 35-lb. boxes and to stand for one hour or more at a time

      Familiarity with middle and high school research databases, and citing with Modern Language Association (MLA) and American Psychological Association (APA) styles;

     Familiarity with Dewey Decimal System and processing Library materials.

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