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Dean of Students

  • 11 May 2018 9:31 AM
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    Dean of Students


    Secondary School, Grades 6-12


    Ortega Campus, 1201 Ortega St., SF, CA 94122

    Reports to

    Deputy Head of School

    Type of Position

    Full time, Effective as of September 1st 2018



    The Dean of Students works with the Principal in carrying out the school’s academic and behavior programs. As a professional educator the Dean of Students understands and responds to the challenges presented by our diverse student population. The Dean of Students provides proactive leadership to engage all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services to support the students’ academic achievement, personal and social development. The Dean of Students works cooperatively with the principal, counselor, health coordinator, staff, students and parents towards a positive school climate.

    ·       Located in San Francisco, LFSF is a French Immersion, independent, co-educational, college preparatory day school of 1,000 students in grades preK-12. For more information about our school, please visit:



    The Dean of Students works with a high level of independence and professional discretion under the general supervision of the principal. The work is governed, controlled, and evaluated by acceptable professional practice and school policies and regulations.

    • -       Defines of the educative policy (part of the school project):
    • ·       Explains the rules and policies of the school to the students.
    • ·       Promotes the school spirit and values.
    • ·       Supports the students to help them become responsible citizens.
    • ·       Encourages the students to take the lead and become more autonomous. 
    • ·       Supports and helps organizing the ‘CVO’ activities.
    • ·       Organizes the participation of the students in the governing bodies of the school.
    • ·       Trains the student’s representatives.
    • ·       Organizes educational and cultural projects.
    • ·       Organizes the graduation ceremony.
    • ·       Active member of the pedagogical council, the internal rules committee and the health and citizenship committee.
    • ·       Active member of the school council, the secondary council and the class councils.
    • ·       Works with the DHoS and the health counselor to build partnerships with other institutions related to her/his missions.
    • -       Individual follow up of the students:
    • ·       Works closely with the teachers, especially the homeroom teacher.
    • ·       Shares her/his knowledge of the students outside the classroom (their behavior, activities, working, social and family conditions…) with the teachers, the DHoS, the health counselor and the college counselor.
    • ·       Helps the students transitioning from 5th to 6th grades and more broadly from one grade to another.
    • ·       Works closely with the health counselor to prevent addictions, reduce anxiety and stress among students.
    • ·       Checks attendance and fights absenteeism and school dropout.
    • ·       Maintains electronic students’ files regarding attendance, discipline, health…
    • ·       Listens to the students sympathetically.
    • ·       Attends the educative commission meetings.
    • ·       Establishes a constructive dialogue with the students’ legal guardians.
    • ·       Explains the rules and the expectations of the schools to the students’ legal guardians.
    • -       Organizes and manages the ‘vie scolaire’ service, a team of 5 to 6 staff members:
    • ·       Manages the spaces where the students live outside the classrooms (corridors, multipurpose room, patio, lounges…).
    • ·       Organizes students’ arrival and dismissal.
    • ·       Optimizes the students’ traffic on campus.
    • ·       Collaborates with the librarians to monitor the students during free periods, enabling them to keep up learning.
    • ·       Monitors the students during recess and lunch.
    • ·       Prevents and handles conflicts in an educative way.
    • ·       Promotes restorative measures when dealing with punishments.
    • ·       Prepares the ‘vie scolaire’’s timetables and defines each member’s tasks.
    • ·       Manages the ‘vie scolaire’ team. Oversees their educative work with the students (individual help, monitoring, projects…). Gets them involved in the attendance check, the prevention against any type of discriminations, violence, incivilities, bullying…
    • ·       Evaluates each member of the ‘vie scolaire’ team.
    • ·       Identifies the training needs of the ‘vie scolaire’ members and suggests training sessions to the DHoS.



    ·       Fluency in French and English

    ·       Minimum of three years of experience in education

    • Experience in independent schools or others
    • ·       Proficiency in American and French school system and curriculum
    • ·       Thrive in a fast paced and changing environment

    ·       Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

    ·       Energetic and proactive

    ·       Patient and diplomatic

    ·       Discretion in handling confidential information



    • Bachelor’s degree in Education or equivalent

    Salary is commensurate with level of education and experience.

    Excellent benefits package which includes medical coverage for employee and eligible dependents, dental, long term disability and retirement benefits.

    LFSF is an Equal Opportunity Employer; those who would add to the diversity of our staff are strongly encouraged to apply. Interested candidates should send their resume and cover via:

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