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Science Teachers: Biology/Chemistry or Physics/Chemistry- Long term Substitutes

  • 04 Oct 2018 4:52 PM
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    Science Teachers: Biology/Chemistry or Physics/Chemistry- Long term Substitutes

    Carondelet High School, a Catholic all-girls high school sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, is actively looking for two science teachers for the second semester of the 2018-19 school year.  The full-time position will teach AP Biology and Chemistry and the part-time (⅗) position will teach AP Physics and Chemistry.  An ideal candidate is a confident and capable with use technology in the classroom and is familiar with using a digital learning management system.  A background in innovative, collaborative teaching and learning models, authentic assessments with rubrics, and critical and creative thinking is preferred. 

    The classroom teacher both models and communicates the school mission, philosophy, and core values through the teaching of subject content and by modeling behavior that inspires excellence, helping students grow to become young women of heart, faith and courage in the spirit of the Sisters of St Joseph.  Teachers at Carondelet are life-long learners with a keen interest in growing professionally in all areas, including effective use of technology, data-based review of methodology and assessment, accessing professional growth opportunities, striving to meet performance expectations, and implementing the school mission and core values

    Essential Responsibilities

    Participates actively in the life of the school community in a manner which supports and promotes the mission and core values of Carondelet.

    Maintains professional standards in interaction with students, parents/guardians, and co-workers.

    Administrative Responsibilities

           Effectively manages instructional time and student behavior
           Plans diverse lessons that ensure student comprehension of learning outcomes
           Uses diverse assessments that capture student comprehension of content in a variety of ways
           Effectively uses Schoology as an avenue for student learning
           Records assignments in PowerSchool in a timely fashion
           Collaborates with Department members and seeks out opportunities to partner with colleagues to implement innovative learning opportunities for students
           Communicates with department chairs, academic support, personal counselors, students and parents in a timely fashion when students are at-risk academically or personally
           Cooperates with appropriate personnel (eg, Deans, Attendance Officer) in enforcing school policies, rules and regulations This includes but is not limited to the following:
    o   administration/dean/counselor requests for student conference (green slips)
    o   faculty use of facilities
    o   student absence policy
    o   student appearance code
    o   student tardy policy
    o   Participates in activities, workshops and meetings as required

           Fulfills duties and assignments in a punctual manner This includes but is not limited to the following:
    o   arrival/departure on campus and to school functions as required
    o   faculty substitute procedure
    o   grades and progress reports
    o   notification of Main Office of departure/return during school day
    o   proctor duties
    o   school services
    o   yard duty

           Assists in maintaining a safe, clean and friendly campus environment
           monitors appropriate student use of facilities
           monitors student behavior
           Cooperates with and supports the Administration
           Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal and Assistant Principal
           Provides appropriate instruction in specified curriculum and instructional feedback
           Effectively monitors and evaluates student performance
           Maintains professional standards within the educational environment
           Fulfills professional growth expectations


           Teachers should have a valid California teaching credential or a graduate degree in science. 
           The teacher should be open to collaboration with other teachers both within and outside of the department on curricular projects and school initiatives
           A history of or openness to creative and innovative lessons, assessment, and learning opportunities is a must.

    Please apply via Carondelet High School’s Website at

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