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Upper School Mathematics Teacher

  • 01 Nov 2018 1:19 PM
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    Mission Statement

    On the foundation of the highest academic standards and Jewish ethical and spiritual values, Milken Community High School develops students with sharp minds, generous hearts and kind souls. We value each member of our pluralistic community while we foster a deep connection to Israel, a lifelong dedication to the Jewish people and a passionate commitment to the service of humanity and the perfection of God’s world.

    Position Overview

    The Upper School Mathematics Teacher is a full-time teacher and member of the Mathematics Department, reporting to the Department Chair. The ideal candidate is comfortable working in a highly collaborative environment where value is placed on the skills and passions of the disciplinarian within a larger context of school mission and integrative thinking. Primary responsibilities include: teaching five mathematics classes per year, serving as a student advisor, and collaborating on school-wide programming as necessary and appropriate.


    • Monitor progress of each student for mastery of course content, providing intervention or differentiation when necessary and appropriate, and consistent high quality feedback always

    • Ensure relevancy by connecting course content to other academic domains and authentically exploring the relationship between course content, the Milken Community Schools mission, and the Portrait of the Graduate

    • Utilize collaborative and individual learning opportunities that support student growth

    • Design lessons that are well-sequenced in terms of content and developmental appropriateness

    • Develop learning experiences where inquiry, curiosity, and exploration are valued

    • Create a learning environment where students feel safe and welcome

    • Place a strong emphasis on learning, and the important natural role mistakes play in learning

    • Demonstrate situational adaptability that balances the needs of social teens, the needs of the lesson, and teachable moments

    • Engage with students outside the classroom through office hours, extracurricular activities, clubs, and school-wide programming

    • Pursue ongoing professional development in the fields of education, writing and literature

    • Other duties as assigned


    • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, required; master’s degree preferred

    • Previous teaching experience required; at the high-school level preferred

    Interested candidates, please send letter of interest and resume to: Beau Lindsay, Assistant Principal,

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