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Director of Innovative Curriculum and Instruction

  • 01 Feb 2019 10:14 AM
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    The Director of Innovative Curriculum and Instruction will provide support to the Vice President, Educational Programs by providing both visionary and pragmatic leadership to support the administrative and instructional needs for Idyllwild Arts.  The position also supports school-wide efforts to improve accountability, student learning, accelerate and scale up the adoption of effective practices, and the use of data and information for continuous improvement.  He/she will facilitate technology-rich teaching and learning, guide collaborative curricular innovation, including program oversight, faculty and staff training/support, and ensure reliability and consistency. 

    The Director of Innovative Curriculum and Instruction will be a member of the administrative leadership team and serve as a collaborative, empathetic, and inspirational leader of Idyllwild’s Arts entire curricular program. He/she will be charged with creating a curriculum map that spans the arts and academics and aligns with the School’s mission and vision. This individual will play an important leadership role in developing, enhancing, and evaluating the school’s 9-12 educational curriculum and instruction (arts and academic) and be responsible for facilitating both horizontal coordination and vertical scope and sequence. The Director of Innovative Curriculum and Instruction will also ensure that curricular implementation remains at a high quality and work in partnership with faculty in support of achieving their professional growth and development goals.

    Primary Responsibilities


    1.    Lead the curriculum mapping process to establish vertically aligned 9-12th grade curriculum in all subject areas that reflects best practices and clearly identifies student learning opportunities and outcomes.

    2.    Assist teachers in matching appropriate assessment instruments to curriculum objectives.

    3.    Emphasize cross-curricular or cross discipline learning and promote collaboration--especially between arts and academics.

    4.    Ensure that the curriculum is consistent with expectation of grade levels.

    5.    Coordinate and design ongoing faculty professional development.

    6.    Oversee academic and co-curricular programs and weekend enrichment programs

    7.    Support the development, implementation, and evaluation of student learning experiences, assessment methods, and curricular paths

    8.    Participate in student life and other campus activities as a full and active member of the Idyllwild Arts community.


    Primary Responsibilities

    Professional Development

    1.    Provides leadership in the development of strategic approaches for the educational programs of Idyllwild Arts.

    2.    Works collaboratively and effectively with faculty and staff throughout the school to provide pedagogical consulting to design, develop, and implement instructional content, courses and projects that enrich teaching and learning.

    3.    Formulates and provides a professional development program designed to support faculty in the design, development and delivery of innovation instruction.



    1.    Masters degree or equivalent in education or educational leadership from an accredited college or university required. Degree in instructional design preferred

    2.    Strong technology skills and familiarity with integration of technology

    3.    A deep understanding of contemporary research and professional growth programs that champion forward-thinking independent school teaching and learning practices

    4.  Experience in and understanding of arts education

    5.    A commitment to diversity and fostering culturally competent and inclusive classrooms

    6.    Experience creating different modalities of professional growth opportunities for administrators, teachers, and students, and a successful track record sustaining the momentum of those professional development programs

    7.    Commitment to a collaborative professional learning community 

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