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Director of College Counseling

  • 01 Feb 2019 10:16 AM
    Message # 7141488

    The Director of College Counselor is responsible for the post-secondary placement of all seniors and for developing and maintaining close relationships with those universities, colleges, conservatories, and other programs that admit Idyllwild Arts Academy graduates. He/she works closely with families and students, as well as with the arts department heads to ensure the best possible options for placement. The Director of College Counseling will be an important leader in realizing the strategic vision of Idyllwild Arts Academy and will report directly to the Vice President of Educational Programs.


    The Director of College Counseling will lead the college search and application process, inspire students to seek a “best fit” for college, arts schools, or conservatories.  It is crucial that the Director establish and maintain strong parent communication. In addition, the Director will be charged with further development of a college preparedness and transition curriculum that is appropriate for different grade levels.

    • ·         Oversee and direct personnel in the College Counseling office
    • ·         Establish and maintain strong relationship with college admissions directors and offices.
    • ·         Schedule visits and host college representatives to IAA campus.
    • ·         Oversee the dissemination of all information regarding the college counseling application process.
    • ·         Assemble, proofread, and send all college applications, including all secondary school reports.
    • ·         Work with the registrar to keep accurate permanent records of students’ testing and      academic work.
    • ·         Maintain the college counseling web pages. Make sure that School Profile is accurate an up to date
    • ·         Represent the school with a high level of professionalism, including excellent writing and communication skills
    • ·         Coordinate and supervise the program and calendar of all standardized testing for students, including scheduling test dates, registering students, arranging for special ‘prep’ sessions, administering the tests, and providing pre and post- test counseling.
    • ·         Continue to develop and build Life Skills curriculum in order for students to gain a broader sense of the college application process and to reflect upon their own goals and aspirations
    • ·         Work closely with arts department chairs on placement, audition, and portfolio deadlines
    • ·         Counsel individual students and families
    • ·         Write recommendations for all seniors
    • ·         Serve on regional college counseling organizations
    • ·         Counsel families on financial aid resources and procedures
    • ·         Use and coordinate Naviance as the main system for keeping track of college applications, submitting recommendations, and transcripts


    The Director of College Counseling should have experience in an independent school or a college admissions office. He/she should have experience in leadership and management. It is essential that the Director of College Counseling have substantial knowledge of arts training programs in all disciples, and some direct knowledge of the arts is preferred. Good interpersonal skills are important both with adults and students since the “counseling” aspect of college counseling is central.  The Director of College Counseling should be flexible, diplomatic and demonstrate the ability to work with a variety of people, both domestic and international. 


    • ·Acts as a model of integrity
    • ·Understands and maintains professional boundaries between students, colleagues, and parents
    • ·Respects confidentiality
    • ·Has a sense of humor and keeps things in perspective
    • ·Exercises patience and good listening skills
    • ·Flexible and has the ability to work under pressure  Keeps a positive attitude

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